Photo Gallery Ragdolls in New homes

Durham Seal CPT Female                  Durham Blue Cpt In pushchair                    Onyx Jumpin JakeOnyx Jumpin Jake   (pet name Raggie)
Seal Colourpoint   Female                                 Blue Colourpoint Male
                                                                  Eddie Red Cpt in a bowl      
                                                           Eddie Red Colourpoint Male at home in a bowl
    Onyx Toscar Amareto                                                               
      Onyx  Toscar Amaretto     Blue Point Mitted Male           
                                                              Smokie Blue Cpt 2007
                                                                 Smokie Blue Colourpoint Male    
Blue Colourpoint Female xmas tree         Onyx Dark Phantom                                Onyx Dark Phantom now living in Bukinghamshire
    Blue Colourpoint Female
Im Waiting for Christmas Too                                                                                     
Onyx Super Nimrod (Pet name Paddy)
   Onyx Super Nimrod
 Onyx Scarlet Orchid
  Onyx Scarlet Orchid
Onyx Dashing Diablo
  Onyx Burlington Burford BM
 Onyx Dashing Diablo
                                                         Onyx Burlington Burford
                                                           Onyx Summer Rainbow Onyx Summer Rainbow 
 Seal Onyx Teyhia SaffireT ortie Point Mitted   Now Retired & living in Redcar with a Wonderful Family

Silkiestar Redcorallady  (Coral)                                        Onyx Teyhia Saffire  Blue Colourpoint

Red Colourpoint   Now Retired living                              Now retired & living in Bradford  with her new
in York with her new slave Anne                                  owner Sharon who is totally smitten. Teyhia is a
who simply adores her.                                                  pretty girl likes the company of other cats
                                                                                   If you get up from            your chair beware she
                                                                                     Will be lying there on your return