Onyx Ragdolls

Our Girls

Our Ragdoll Girls
 Onyx Hermione Twoshoes
 Blue Point Mitted
Hermione is a very friendly confidant cat nothing fazes her.  She has Beautiful kittens and she loves to clean and groom them.
She loves people gets on well with other cats and likes to play with older children
  Onyx Kiara Kiri   
Onyx Kiara Kiri
  Seal Colourpoint future Breeding Queen  
Kiri loves to play and get into mischief she loves her food and toys. She likes to watch TV when to Dog Whisperer is on and is fascinated by the antics of all the dogs
         Onyx Amber Loumarie
               Seal Colourpoint
Amber is a quite shy girl who likes a quiet life and lots of one to one attention.
She has only had one litter she was a good Mother to a very bossy kitten.
She likes to spend her days looking out the window watching the birds in the garden 
  Onyx Briarrose Lexie
Onyx Briarrose Lexie
Blue Cream Tortie
Lexie is not a typical tortie she is very laid back loves people, other cats & Older children. She is a great mum to her kittens and is very calm and gentle girl
Addictikat Blue Ribbons
Addictakat Blue Ribbons     Blue Point Mitted
Rosie is a special cat she is a  proper lap cat . She is a wonderful Mother to her kittens but she is rather aloof with other cats although does not mind Dogs. Likes nothing better than to snuggle up with Ray whom she adores
Vonvarda Purisima Bliss
 Vonvarda Purisima Bliss       (Bliss)  Seal Point Mitted
Bliss is always dashing about full of energy wants to be first in line for a cuddle & a fuss and  she uses her  pushy personality to get her own way. When she gets a cuddle she just purrs & purrs
New kids on the block
Eiserblew Taloulah May    (Bertha) Seal Bicolour (High White)
Bertha is a funny cat who has a lot of Dog like traits she has a very large special blanket which she drags every where with her. She gives me a look of distain when I take it away to put into the washer.
She has a lovely nature and stunning blue eyes.
Ahtarah Sienna  Seal Mitted with a blaze
Sienna is a propper purr pot she just loves to be fussed and cuddled all day long. She is friendly to all the other cats and likes Dogs too.
Doclise Princess Kate  Blue Colourpoint
Kate is a proper Princess does not like to wait in the food que dashes in first. She pushes in for attention too even tripping you up if need be & voicing her opinion if kept waiting.
Photo to follow shortly
Isis is a stunning young lady she is a very gentle cat who takes her time getting to know new people but is a great Mother to kittens

                          Onyx Ragdoll Cats

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