History of the Ragdoll in the UK

History of the Ragdoll in the UK

In Spring 1981 Four  Ragdoll kittens were exported from Denny & Laura Dayton’s Blossom Time Cattery in California. USA

 Lulu Rowley of Petil-lu Cattery imported two  of the Kittens a Male & Female

Blossom-time Lad  & Blossom time Lass  a Seal Colourpoint & a Seal Mitted

 Pat Brownsell of Patriarca Cattery imported the other pair of kittens

Blossom-Time Prim & Blossom –Time Proper

In July whilst still in Quarantine Lass gave birth to three Female kittens

These two ladies soon realised they needed to look to the future and make the base of there foundation cats broader so they imported a further eight Ragdolls within a year of the first arrivals.

These wonderful Ragdoll cats were

Blossom-time Romeo                       Blossom-time Juliet

Blossom-time Pistil                           Blossom-time Camellia

Bossom-time Bannanas                   Blossom-time Myrtie

Blossom-time Spring                        Blossom-time Summer

Once these two ladies had their breeding lines established & they were able to produce kittens in all the three Ragdoll Patterns of Colourpoint, Mitted & Bicolour  they received requests from many other breeders in the UK, Europe and Australia. Who  also wished to establish thier own Ragdoll breeding lines.

A lady called Sue Ward Smith in Sussex was one such person and her Prefix was Pandapaws.

Sue along with a small dedicated group of Ragdoll Breeder enthusiasts started to organise getting the UK Ragdolls accepted and  Registered by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

In March 1990 recognition was finally achieved  and the Ragdoll Cat were made eligible to be shown in the Assessment classes at Champion Cat Shows around the country and also the affiliation of the British Ragdoll Cat Club.