Living with a Ragdoll

Living with a Ragdoll
Ragdolls are Semi Longhaired Colourpointed Cats with a silky textured coat and the most beautiful blue eyes.
They come in three patterns Bicolour, Mitted & Colourpoint in Traditional colours of Seal & Blue & New colours of Red, Cream & Tortie
Owning a Ragdoll cat is similar to owning a Puppy , they place their trust in owners & follow them around everywhere. They are also usually able to learn trick's such as fetch, rolling over & begging.
Once you own a Ragdoll you will find they are an experience of a lifetime. Most people cannot stop at just one.
"Be warned Ragdolls are Addictive"
Ragdolls are indoor cats and make excellent house cats. They are moderately active & like to play with their owners & cat toys.
They are extremly gentle & affectionate cat with a lovable personality. They get on well with other animals & older children they are happy living indoors but need stimulation via play & attention from their owners. They like lots of cat toys & a climbing frame/ Scratching post
Ragdoll cats should not be left outside alone as they are very trusting & tend to think of everone as a friend.
The Ragdoll trusting nature shows in the way they let people handle them & allow themselves to be cradled like a baby & unlike most cats they do enjoy  tummy rubs
Ragdolls can also be taught how to walk outside on a Cat Harness, although I must warn you its not quite like walking a dog. They also learn quickly how to use a scratching post.