Onyx Ragdolls

Retirees looking for forever homes

We very occasionally have Ragdolls that are being retired from Breeding and ideally would be looking for new homes where they can be a Pampered Pet.
Please contact us if you would like more information about any Ragdoll we may have available or due to retire.
Onyx Briarrose Lexie
Onyx Briarrose LexieWe are now considering retiring our lovely girl Lexie to a forever home.
She is a Blue Tortie and very laid back unusually not naughty at all. Loves cuddles & likesto sit on a lap or two.
Lexie has now found a new home she is very happy with her lovely new owners and also has a new ragdoll friend.
 The cats below are not retired breeding cats and have been much loved pampered pets.
We are now looking for a new forever home Simba and Smokie who are two blue colourpoint litter brothers they have been used to living with their family which includes older children.  They are 5 years old and looking for a home together as they have never been seperated since birth
They are lovely boys and are only available due to Family illness and change in circustances.
 Smokie & Simba
  Simba & Smokie love to play and cuddle up together
  Simba & Smokie have now gone to live with a lovely Lady in Leeds
Smokie & Simba
  Simba & Smokie out in the Garden getting
                      some fresh Air
Very loving, calm and regal. He is the sensible one of the two and takes great care of his brother(very tolerant)  Likes lots of cuddles and loves to snuggle up when his owners are reading 
 or watching a film.
 Loves to be talked to and will sit and listen for hours (best male in the world) warning, will nudge you under the chin if he is not getting the attention he thinks he deserves.
Smokie   Smokie relaxing in his bed             Simba
                                                                                                 Simba relaxing at the bottom of the stairs
                                                                                      The photo does not do his coat colour justice he is grey/blue
The clown of the two, very loving with lots of personality. He loves to play with ping pong balls, toy mice anything small and attackable really including sneaking up on small children who he thinks should be playing with him. He has a fetish for boxes or anything else he can sit in
Food both eat Purena / iamms, soft food with gravy, tuna and ham - Simba loves cheese and onion crisps and will steel them if necessary !!!
Both cats very good, clean, tidy and discreet - The owner has never
experienced any damage or issues with toilet etc. They are very gentle with people and property.

Both cats have been brought up with children and enjoy their company and the noise that this brings but also are used to spending quiet time where they snuggle up together and enjoy the peace.

Please contact me if you require further infomation regarding these beatiful boys
Blue Colourpoint Male Neuter
    Oscar                                                                                                                                                               Seal Colourpoint FemaleNeuter
Durham Blue Cpt In pushchair                     Durham Seal CPT FemaleOscar & Lola are looking for a new forever home
                      These cats must go together as a pair they are used to living     
                      with a family and children. Lola is the quieter of 
                      but still  enjoys lots of attention. Oscar is inquisative and
                      likes to be involved in anything thats going on.
                     Please contact me if you require more information regarding
                     these two Ragdoll cats that require rehoming
                     Oscar and Lola have now gone to live with a wonderful new    
                                      Family in Great Yarmouth

                          Onyx Ragdoll Cats

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